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NZ Collections is New Zealand’s largest Tenancy Focused debt collection company.

We collect more tenancy debt than any other debt collection company, connecting over 2400 voluntary repayment plans and over 3,000 attachment orders each year.

We’re one of New Zealand’s fastest growing debt collection companies, trusted by hundreds of Kiwi businesses and it’s easy to see why: 90% of debts lodged with functioning telephone numbers are connected to repayment plans within just 7 days.

Read on to find out more about our no lodgement fees and our focus on communication, transparency and results.

Our Services

At NZC, we specialise in resolving debt associated with residential tenancies and appliance rentals, as well as general debt collection.

We understand that steady cashflow is essential for a thriving business, and that clients that default on their debt payments can have a significant impact on your daily operation. Through working with us, you’ll benefit from our streamlined approach that ensures a swift and cost-effective method of recovering owed monies.


After 4 months we were delighted to receive a cheque in the post from NZC from a debt going back 3 years. This was a pleasant surprise as we had pretty much written off the $1,200. If it wasn’t for NZC we wouldn’t have pursued this any further even though we had an Order of Tenancy Tribunal notice.
L Jenkins – Investor

Benefits of choosing NZ Collections

  • Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a lodgement fee – so you can fill out a lodgement form and begin our debt collection procedure without any cost to you. We only charge our commission as a flat percentage of monies recovered.
  • As we only receive our commission from money collected from the debtor, we don’t just take your details and sit on them – we only make money by successfully resolving your outstanding debt, so you can be sure we’re on the ball from the moment you fill out the lodgement form.
  • Work with us, and you’ll be free to focus on your core business while we track down and secure the money owed to you.
  • We act as a third party buffer between you and your client, ensuring that no negativity is added to your relationships.

Please note there may be some upfront costs involved if we need to proceed with tracking or court enforcement. Please view our Price page for more information.

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