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NZC focuses on helping tenants through their debt collection journey so they can get future tenancies.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are seeing more and more Kiwis affected, and in an effort to help us contribute to helping solve this problem, we have chosen to reduce our pricing significantly. We aim to be a responsible service that provides a great outcome for our creditors while also assisting tenants and consumers to rebuild credit and make repayments in a way that does not lead to further hardship.  As of 1 August 2020, our new pricing structure will apply to all new debts lodged which can be found here 

Every year, thousands of tenants have tenancy tribunal orders and non-court ordered debt made against them. This can make it harder get another tenancy. This is becoming a fundamental issue in New Zealand.

Our goal as a company, is to assist tenants to set up repayment plans to pay off these tenancy tribunal orders or any other debt they have against their name.

As a tenant starts repaying any outstanding orders through us, it will show on their credit file as a paying status.
The benefit to having a debt showing as a paying status shows that the tenant is proactively settling this account, and shows potential landlords and property managers that they are not actively avoiding their debt.

Our approach is to work with tenants and consumers to get on top of their outstanding tribunal orders or debts, with compassion and with a goal to help remove roadblocks that might hinder tenants get accommodation in the future.

If you owe money or are owned money we see you as our client and work with you for the best outcome for everyone involved.


Debts loaded by property managers

90% of debts lodged with functioning telephone numbers are connected to repayment plans within just 7 days.

We do not charge lodgement fees and focus on compassion, communication, transparency and results for all parties.

We aim to find a solution that fits with clients weekly budgets and work with clients if their financial situation changes.

Our Services

At NZC, we specialise in resolving debt associated with residential tenancies and appliance rentals, as well as general repayments of debts.

We understand that steady cashflow is essential for landlords, businesses as well as for the person repaying the debt.

Through working with us, you’ll benefit from our streamlined approach that ensures a swift and cost-effective method of recovering owed monies.


After 4 months we were delighted to receive a cheque in the post from NZC from a debt going back 3 years. This was a pleasant surprise as we had pretty much written off the $1,200. If it wasn’t for NZC we wouldn’t have pursued this any further even though we had an Order of Tenancy Tribunal notice.
L Jenkins – Investor


Benefits of choosing NZC

  • Unlike standard debt collection agencies, we don’t charge a lodgement fee – so you can fill out a lodgement form and begin our debt collection procedure without any cost to you.
  • We try hard not to add any unnecessary costs to a debt, often at a cost to us.
  • If the debt requires an attachment order and lawyers’ fees to get in place, we will pay these out of our own pocket, and then recover these disbursements from the money recovered*.
  • Our main focus is to reach the debtor or tenant and work with them to set up a payment plan.
  • Work with us, and you’ll be free to focus on your core business while we set everything up on your behalf.
  • We act as an intermediary between debtors and creditors, tenants and landlords as we understand relationships can be strained as a result of there being a dispute or unpaid debt.

Please note there may be some upfront costs involved if we need to proceed with tracking or court enforcement. Please view our price page for more information.

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