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NZ Collections was founded in 2009. Since then, NZ Collections has grown to New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing tenancy-focused debt recovery company. We’ve now diversified into other markets, including gyms, appliance rentals, building construction and other commercial debt accounts We are now actively working with over 700 property management and other industry offices.

We have an impeccable reputation with some of New Zealand’s most well-known and reputable businesses and this is due to our focus on three key elements:

Provided through a range of methods. This includes auto and manual email reports sent to the property throughout the collection process as well as follow up calls to creditors, from their account manager.

Provided through the login area. This allows property managers to track the status of files, view the file history and manage files.

We get results that individual creditors as well as other collection agencies simply cannot achieve. This is thanks to a combination of our systems using the latest technology, our account management team’s great interpersonal skills and our custom-built District Court enforcement system. 90% of our recoveries are completed without having to use the District Court. This means that in most cases, the debtor pays the fees and commissions we charge – not you.

Credit and background checking

What most people don’t know is that regardless of whether you run a credit check through Centrix or through Equifax, you are only getting part of that persons credit report. This poses a problem that has now been solved.

What does this mean for our industry?

What this means is at the moment, when you run a credit check, you are only getting access to that particular credit bureau’s data. Tenantcheck by Tenancy™ is the only system that gives you access to both Centrix and Equifax at the same time; this system is called Multi Bureau. Now when you run a credit check you have the option to include Equifax data as well as Centrix simultaneously, at the click on a button – for a similar price to what most property managers are currently paying for just one bureau.

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